Weetail Consignment Sales

Gently used children’s clothing

Toys, Books, Strollers and MUCH More!

What does it take to be a consignor?

Contact me at [email protected] or 319-360-1212 to get a consignor number and consignor information. You mark your own items, set your price and choose if your items will be discounted. You receive 65% of your asking price.

Can you just show up at sale site with items?

No.. Items have to be marked at certain way to make all of our bookeeping possible….www.myconsignmentmanager.com/weetailconsignmentsale
let me know if I can help at all email me @ [email protected] . You must also make a drop off appointment. Items must be hung on wire hangers and include a printed tag.

Are there any other fees?
There is a 6.50 advertising fee that covers print ads, radio ads and postcards sent to 1000+ potential shoppers.
When is my check available?
It is available for pick up or mail 5-7 days after Weetail leaves Hawkeye Downs.
Do consignors have to volunteer to help at the Sale?
That is completely optional. If you volunteer for a 3 hours shift you will recieve a pass to the Workers Presale. This is for workers only for the whole three hours. (you may sign up for your working www.myconsignmentmanager.com/weetailconsignmentsale). While volunteering I will have snacks, pop and water available at no cost to you.
Do consignors get to shop early?
Yes each consignor receives 2 passes to the Consignor Presale weather you work or not.
What sizes does weetail accept?
We accept infants through juniors size 3. We also accept maternity clothing.
What happens to the unsold Items?
You can recieve your unsold items back or you can have it donated to local charties.If you receive your unsold items back you will leave a tub and all of your items will be in your tub ready for you when you pick up! Recipients of unsold items in the past include: Love’s Closet(Families helping Families), Young Parents Network, Madge Phillips Center, The Catholic Worker House, Olivet Neighborhood Mission.

Drop Inn Ministries.

Drop Inn Resale Store is an outreach to raise funds for missions projects around the world. This ministry is part of Drop Inn Ministries in Northern Ireland. Our projects bring hope, help, and healing to people in countries such as Berkino Faso Africa, Belarus, Kenya, Ukraine, Poland, and many more.

Drop Inn locally is in the process of building a neighborhood youth center in the Cedar Hills area. The center will be a great after school hang out for children and youth. Our store is located on the corner of J Street and 16th Avenue in Cedar Rapids.

What can you sell/buy at weetail? Is it only clothing?
No!! You can buy/sell, stroller, exersaucers, highchairs, breast pumps, baby toys, toddler toys, toys for older kids, books, videos, video games, cds, books, shoes, accessories, room decor for infants, kids and teens, coats, winterboots, hats and mittens. That is not all is it practically anything you need for your children.
Is there anything that weetail does not accept for consignment or sell?

A few items due to the high amount of recalls on these items:CRIBS, CAR SEATS, PACK AND PLAYS, SAFTEY GATES WITH THE “V” SHAPE AT THE TOP, BATH SEATS (that suction to the tub), WALKERS WITH WHEELS (Stationary exercisers are fine), USED BOTTLE NIPPLES, BIKE HELMETS, STUFFED ANIMALS AND LAWN DARTS, Maternity Clothing, Used Lunch Boxes and Backpacks

What should a potential shopper expect when she comes?
It will be set up like a store with everything categorized and sized.
Still need help? Send us a note!


For any other questions, please write us at [email protected].com or call us at 319-360-1212

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